Choir Corner

Anyone who has sung in the Senior Choir with me as director knows that I am a stickler for pronunciation and enunciation. The whole reason behind it is so that the words are understood. The notes may be correct, but if you as a congregation cannot understand the words, you are not blessed through the message of the song. We have sung (and will be singing) many beautiful anthems with words that convey such eloquent thoughts and meaningful messages. We sang this anthem that is a beautiful prayer: “Lord, I stretch my hands to you; No other help I know. If you should leave me all alone, Where, then, shall I go? Oh, Lord. Lord, I give my soul to You; I seek your care and love. No other blessings do I need but those from you above. Lord, I ask you: give me faith, and help me understand. And Lord, when I this life shall leave, just hold me in your hand.” What a heartfelt prayer! We will be singing soon about God’s “Unfailing Love.” An excerpt from that anthem: “He sees me on my knees and lifts me to His face. He finds me full of sin and leaves me full of grace.” What a gift! Another upcoming anthem excerpt: “Just let your thoughts rise to Jesus. He will absolve you from sin. He will accept all your burdens. Just let your thoughts rise to Him.” This is my hope and prayer: that as we present anthems each Sunday, our message will be understood and will help “your thoughts rise to Him.” -- Marilyn Patterson Note: Choir meets for practice every Thursday at 7:30PM and is open to all