We are going to have a unique opportunity this year during our Christmas celebration.  We are hosting families from Family Promise of Morris County at our Fellowship Center.  What, you say, are you thinking?  That’s kind of the thought I had also.  With the festivities and obligations of this month, and specifically, the week before Christmas, Wow!  Well, I listened during our recent coordinators meeting as the appeal was put out.   The families are looking at 2 weeks in not the best motels, during the Christmas break.  Another church has been taking this week in the past, in their efforts to see that it is 2 and not 3 weeks.  The other church is having some issues and has taken a step back for now, and this left a void.

We were scheduled for another time, but, after some consultation, I decided, this we can do.  So, December 16-23 we will be a host site.  The schedule board should be up by now and I am appealing to all of us to remember the spirit of this Season, to remember our reason for celebrating, and share it with our quests, in many ways.  Many will be planning special “out of the norm” dinner or shift times.  I look forward to watching, and encouraging as we “nail it” and excel with a Christmas to remember for our families.  As of the time I am writing this, I do not know the make up of the families we will have.  I may not know until a week before, because, hopefully, many of those in shelter now may be in their own home.  What a miracle for some.  God truly has blessed not only the families in shelter, but our congregation, with the ability to share God’s love and acceptance with our guests, through our hospitality and spirit. 

If you have not signed up to help, I encourage you to.  Find a group of friends, or just another person who you can share this special time with.  You can cook, serve, clean, or just visit and sit by our decorated youth area and reminisce with families that will embrace your stories, and you can do so with them as well.    It would be eye opening to learn how some came to be in shelter.  Open up, pray about your time with Family Promise, and go in with the spirit of Christmas.  God bless you all. 

Becky Pruitt
Coordinator/Family Promise